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Five important tips to be visible on the search engine results page (SERP)

What is semantic search & why should we care?

Do you remember the last time you searched for a caterpillar (machinery) image on Google and came across a lot of caterpillar insect images? Or searched for a jaguar (car) image and Google returned a lot of jaguar cat images, or those of Jacksonville Jaguars? To...

Involving developers in the design process

Today, the Internet is a global stage for businesses to market their products and services. Using the latest technologies and cross-platform capabilities allows companies to leverage the hidden potential of Internet as a global marketing platform. When you involve...

Shellshock: A bigger threat than heartbleed?

The cyber war is making companies spend a huge fortune in getting security to protect their corporate data. Understanding the various virus and threats is the task of all IT managers and web developers so they can brace themselves against threats to operating systems... Tutorial

Major search providers now use a collection of schemas to ensure users are able to find the web pages they are looking for.  Website coders can use schemas in their HTML code to make a website more visible to its target market. The use of markup allows specific entity...

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