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Website Design – The Call to Action

It’s more important than you might think!

You have a gorgeous new website that you’re so proud of. And you’re shaking your website design provider’s hand vigorously. Because you’re ecstatic. You also have them do SEO work on your site because—by golly, you want to be found.

Then weeks turn into months turn into years and guess what—you’re website isn’t bringing in any cash. Why? Is your SEO company failing you? No, your rankings are up. And you’re getting fresh, organic leads. But none are biting. WHY?!

Your site simply doesn’t drive them to buy. There’s no solid call to action.

Research is conclusive—potential clients need to be told to buy. Somewhere very visible on your site, your website needs to say something to the effect of “call 281-500-1450 today!”, “Get a free quote”,  “Get a Free Consultation”, “Like us on Facebook and get 10% off your next order”, “Get a FREE SEO analysis”  see how easy that was, I just snuck one in on you.

Offers need to be prominent and repeated, don’t just toss it at the bottom of a page and expect it to work.  Offers (Calls-to-Action) need to jump out at you.

Need help with you websites marketing messages and calls-to-action?  Ask how we can help!


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