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What You Should Know When Writing Articles to Post Online

A proven method for search engine marketers everywhere is producing keyword-based articles and posting them onto various article marketing sites around the Internet. Done correctly, this marketing method can result in extra “juice” from Google, which in turn boosts the company’s search rankings.

However, we have noticed over the years that people don’t seem to understand exactly how article marketing works or how it is used. There are an even greater number of misconceptions now since Google has drastically altered its search algorithm over the past year.

That said, we have composed the following list of details that you, the customer, should know about writing and posting articles online:

  • If you are writing your own articles, stop getting hung up on keyword usage. The more changes Google implements, the less emphasis they are placing on keyword usage. Certainly Google crawls sites looking for certain key terms, but more than ever before, the focus is squarely on creating quality content. What is quality content? It is writing that contains useful information that is relevant to the industry connected with the linked site. It is articles that contain content that is not rehashed all over the web. It’s content that gets shared via social media. All of these things equate to high quality content.
  • Does anyone even read these things, anyway? Honestly, most of the time they do not. Not the average article, anyway. More likely than not, your article is sitting out in cyberspace only for the purpose of acquiring a link back to your site. Depending on where the article is posted, it may count for more with the search engines. Certain article sites rank higher than others. So, while content is extremely important, don’t get too hung up on thinking, “oh my gosh, that isn’t exactly how I should say that” in the articles. They need only be relevant and interesting.
  • There are some key differences between articles and blog posts. What is the difference between a blog post and an article? First of all, articles get posted and reposted all over the web. A blog post, on the other hand, is posted only onto your blog. It is completely original content that is only found one place on the web. Also, articles have to be somewhat generic to get posted onto an article database site. In other words, they can’t refer to or promote your company directly. On your blog however, you can mention your business all you want. But be warned, people will get sick of hearing you talk about yourself pretty quickly, so don’t overdo it!
  • Your articles need to be about 500 words. While different databases have different requirements, generally speaking, an article of 500 words will work just fine. Some will allow as few as 400 words, and others require as many as 700. But for the most part, you’re safe at 500, as that will meet the requirements of most of the popular article marketing sites.

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