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Pay Per Click Advertising—How Is It Changing?

As you are likely fully aware of, Google is constantly changing. The manner in which SEO professionals achieve high organic ranking has been altered dramatically over the last few years through Panda and Penguin updates. However, it’s not just organic searches that Google is changing. The manner in which Pay Per Click advertising works through their Google Ads has changed as well. In the following article you will find useful information on how Google Ads is changing as well as how to make the best use of your Pay per Click campaigns.

How to Grade Your Ad’s Success

FDid you know that Google actually provides you with a quality score that helps you understand the success of your ad? For our purposes, we’ll define “success” as how efficient your ad actually was. Keep in mind, efficiency doesn’t just figure in the number of clicks you received. It also factors in how useful your ad proved to those who chose to click it. So a high score means that your ad converted whereas a low quality score means people who clicked on your ad didn’t stay onsite and find your content or keywords useful. Obviously, you want to fall under the higher score.

When Your Ad Works Better, Everyone Wins

Now it is easy to get caught up in the line of thinking that Google is the search engine Gestapo, waiting to penalize websites to and ads to send their rankings plummeting. However, we need to rethink this because it simply isn’t true. The real truth is that when your website and your ads do well, everyone wins. You get more traffic and more conversions (which equal more money in your pocket), and Google gets more satisfied users. And that’s what they want right? To increase user satisfaction? After all, that’s the core reasoning behind all their changes.

Google is Now Rewarding Better Performing Ads

Now if you don’t agree with the idea that when you win, everyone wins, consider this: when your ad performs better than others, Google is now rewarding you in a variety of ways.

  • They lower the cost of your ad.
  • They place your ad in a high, more visible spot.

If Google didn’t get something out of your better performing as, why would they offer you these rewards?

How to Achieve the High Quality Score From Google

So how can you create that ad that receives a high Google Quality Score? Well let’s take a closer look.

  • Expected click through rate—Before anyone ever sees your ad, Google forms predictions on how your ad should perform for your particular keyword. They do this by looking at data from old keyword searches.
  • Landing page experience—Google rates your landing page by a number of factors. First of all, how original is your landing page? Are you using copied content? Or is it fresh and unique? Next, is it easy to use, or to people find it less than functional? Make sure your content is easy to navigate and the reader knows exactly what to do next.
  • Ad relevance—Does your ad match up well to the keyword you’ve chosen? If not, look to take a hit on your score.

Remember, Google’s main purpose is to satisfy their searchers. So follow their lead and do as they ask to receive more business!

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