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3 Rules for Better Landing Page Design

Landing page design plays a critical role in converting visitors into prospects and customers. Here are 3 simple web design tips to improve the look of your landing pages.

  1. Keep it simple—Your landing page doesn’t need to be crammed with ads, widgets, and information about everything you do. Simplicity is the key to getting conversions. Remove any unnecessary or distracting elements from the page. If it doesn’t contribute to conversion, get rid of it. Say these words, “White space is my friend.”
  2. Draw the eyes toward the call to action—The purpose of landing pages is to get a conversion. It doesn’t matter what that conversion is (e.g. filling out a form, downloading something, placing an order, etc.), your design should be presented in a way that draws the readers eyes toward the call to action, encouraging that conversion.
  3. Place important information above the fold—Did you know website visitors spend 80% of their time looking at information above the fold (the part of the page you see without scrolling down)? This means you need to put your most important information up top. 

ENet Technologies can design landing pages that look great and convert your visitors into hot prospects and loyal customers.

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