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Involving developers in the design process

Today, the Internet is a global stage for businesses to market their products and services. Using the latest technologies and cross-platform capabilities allows companies to leverage the hidden potential of Internet as a global marketing platform.

When you involve developers in the design process they are able to advice designers how to build the front-end according to their back-end code. Developing modern and fully-functional sites involves the efforts of both designers and developers. But, it is the developers who must first conceive the website architecture keeping the user and their requirements in focus. The technical, the aesthetics and the functionality bit is all well explained by the developer to the designer. If you keep developers out of the designing process, the timeline of your project will expand, as this will result in more revisions. You will waste labor hours and labor dollars.

So, it is wise to allow developers to engage designers to create responsive websites that offer the latest functionality. For an ecommerce website that displays a lot of products, it is recommended to use open source solutions such as Joomla or Drupal or WordPress. A CMS website allows companies to add products and images without the need of learning code. It is a mobile-ready way of building sites! A designer may not know to advice these options to clients, because at the most he works with CSS, Javascript and HTML.

Today, due to cloud computing and cloud servers, users enjoy ample traffic bandwidth. With increased bandwidth usage for website, the web design possibilities are endless. Again, only developers will know suitable technology and build the more complicated code. The designers have little knowledge about development. A lot of times, clients choose a design and want it created, only to learn later that it is not possible. Sometimes, the developer is not kept updated and the website creation requires another skill set than what he has. If you involve both the developer and the designer in meetings with the client regarding requirement specifications, it will be more beneficial. Your high-end design project will start and end smoothly when all involved will keep updated with the design and development plan.

Collaborating on the project all the way from the start is important. The copywriter and the SEO should also be kept in the loop throughout the project timeline.  At times, the SEO comes up with very good suggestions regarding SEO friendly web designs. They know what design types are unique and will move up faster in the search engine rankings.

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