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Six Reasons to Power Your Startup with WordPress

laptop-593673_1280You can have a great business idea and a dedicated team to implement it in the real world. However, technical difficulties can cause issues in establishing and running your business, and have been placed among the top reasons why many startups fail to make it past the first year.

Problems arise because of lack of understanding and experience in dealing with the practical details of setting up and managing a company website. In many cases, the website also acts as the official store of the business, and when technical difficulties exist, startups can get caught in a vicious cycle resulting in closure.

Many startups that have found success have done so by choosing a WordPress-based website. Here are six reasons why:

WordPress is free!
The core software of WordPress is available free of cost, and almost every web hosting company offers quick, one-click installation of the platform, placing website setup costs at almost nothing. The business just has to buy the space for hosting their website, and get all the features and benefits of WordPress free.

WordPress is powerful!
The platform has been around since 2003. Over the years, core development teams and the open source community has refined the software into a very power platform for content management, with the default WordPress installation often enough to power a business or personal website.

Yet WordPress is easy to use!
You could setup a functional corporate website in WordPress without knowing anything about HTML, CSS, or PHP. In fact, you could setup the website without writing a single line of code. The admin panel of WordPress is designed to hide the complexities into tabs and selection areas, meaning you can choose to only view the level of functionality you are comfortable with.

WordPress is highly customizable!
Perhaps the most visible thing about WordPress is the huge variety of themes available for every type of website imaginable. Whether your startup deals in clothing or downloadable content, there is a free and paid theme that offers the right mix of visual and functional elements to make sure that the website looks and feels just like you want it. A number of reputable studios offer premium WordPress themes that come with full customization options and support contracts, if desired.

WordPress offers plugins galore!
A common saying about WordPress is that there is a plugin for everything. Plugins are add-ons that extend the functionality of your website. Almost every task, from commerce setup to email advertising, could be accomplished through a paid or free plugin, which can be found in the official WordPress directory.

WordPress is a supportive community!
One of the best things about WordPress is its huge and supportive community. New users could solve almost all their problems by visiting one of the thousands of WordPress support websites. Usually a simple Google search is enough to solve the issue. If you have purchased a premium theme, its designers may be able to solve your issue in a matter of hours.

Based on these reasons and more, it’s obvious that WordPress is the best option for any startup. If you need help establishing your WordPress website, the team at ENet Technologies welcomes the opportunity to assist. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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