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4 Website Design Mistakes That Cause Visitors to Bounce

A bad website design can kill your online marketing efforts. You can attract all the traffic you want, but if your site’s design and more importantly your marking message is lacking, you won’t turn any visitors into customers.

Here are 4 website design mistakes that cause visitors to bounce from your page. 

  1. Using a splash page—If you don’t know what a splash page is, it’s basically an intro page to your website. We have all seen them, you come to the site and some sort of animation or fancy graphic comes up and you have to then click “enter” to get to your website. With the average internet user only giving websites about 8 seconds to grab their attention, splash pages are a terrible idea.  If a user cannot figure out what type of site you have and what your services are within that 8 second time frame they are sure to leave.
  2. Slow loading time—Speaking of impatient internet users, if your website takes a long time to load, you’ll lose visitors. People want the information they’re looking for delivered quickly. The best designers know how to build websites that load quickly and efficiently.
  3. Crowding your pages with T.M.I.—Visiting a cluttered website is like walking into a cluttered room. Your visitors won’t be able to find what they need, and they’ll be left feeling overwhelmed. Keep your site design clean. Divide up the information across several pages, and incorporate white space to make it easier on the eyes.
  4. Confusing navigation—Internet users have come to expect websites to work a certain way. They expect the navigation to be either along the top or down the left hand side of the page. Don’t get fancy with your navigation. Keep it simple and clear. 

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