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SQL Database Development

Got an Advanced Software Project?

  • Looking to integrate your accounting package with your website for real-time inventory and financial capabilities?
  • Is it time to automate some of your business activities to eliminate manual processes and save time?
  • How about granting your customers online access to their personal account information?

Whatever your goal, choosing the right application development partner is critical to success. It’s not uncommon for larger software companies to charge $150 to $200 per hour for a skilled developer’s time. Hiring in-house staff can be equally expensive when you factor hiring costs, weekly payroll, employee benefits and taxes – not to mention work-station & seat costs. Hiring low-priced offshore developers from countries like Russia or India is risky. Oftentimes, companies lose their entire investment with little recourse in the foreign legal system. Perhaps of greatest concern is receiving a finished application that works as it should.   Many applications don’t work properly when completed due to improper planning and inexperienced programmers. At ENet, we’ve rescued many clients who had waited months to get their application only to discover it doesn’t perform as expected.

Choose ENet ’s Team to Save BIG and Get It Right!

The ENet team has a 20 year history of developing and delivering robust web-based applications that meet or exceed our client’s business requirements. Since 1996 our Team’s been building functional, database driven, web-based applications. All of our programmers are formally educated, in addition we assign at least one highly experienced “lead engineer” to every project. At ENet we specialize in the latest Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET and SQL. Our team is also fully skilled in Oracle, PHP, Java, Perl, C, C+, C++, security standards including PCI compliance and much more. Perhaps the most important news is that we’ve developed a proprietary process for scoping and laying out projects so our Clients can visualize the finished application before coding even begins. This process safeguards that all the stakeholders share the same vision and that our clients will receive the functionality they expect when the final application is delivered! One major benefit to you is our cost. Our extensive experience combined with our controlled overhead means that we are able to deliver high caliber work at a moderate cost. We believe you’ll find our development fees to be about 40% less than the big houses and slightly more than the work from home or foreign developers. All while delivering an application to you that works the way it should.

Let Us Quote Your Next Project

Get a No-Obligation Proposal for your project. We’ll provide references and show examples of our work until you are comfortable with our abilities. The best part is, at ENet we honor the quoted price. As long as the quoted specs of the project don’t change, you’ll never pay for over-runs or be billed for hidden charges. Call us today at 724-725-8000 or click here to speak with a Project Manager about your project.

Case Studies

Corporate Catering & Concierge (CCC) – Description

CCC is an event services company that provides catering services to corporate clients and private parties. Clients can choose from a list of approved restaurant venders to make online meal order selections for small 2 to 5 person group meetings, or larger corporate events with 100’s of attendees. Orders are usually submitted days if not weeks in advance of the event, managed by CCC staff, and automatically distributed to the correct vendor. Orders can be revised up to the last minute, for changes in the number of attendees or modified menu requests. Scheduled events and orders are fully tracked by the administrative areas reporting functionality.

Salient Features:

  • Accepts Advance Meal Orders
  • Generates Event & Meal Calendar
  • Supports Multiple Vendor Menus
  • Supports Multiple Client Departments
  • Supports Multiple Client Locations
  • Supports Multiple Client Credit Card Accounts
  • Notifies CCC Team of New Orders
  • Allows CCC Team to Edit Orders
  • Supports Special Client Requests
  • Vendor Restaurant Email or Fax Notification of Orders
  • Processes Credit Card Payment Processing
  • Provides Secure Client Profile Access
  • Secure Administration Area
  • Secure Hack-Resistant Storage of CC Data
  • Auto-sends a Satisfaction Survey for Each Order
  • IP Restricted Admin Access
  • Admin and Reporting Screens

Tour & Event Booking Software – Description

A customizable tour booking application that can be adapted to most any business. Popular uses include River Rafting tours, Hot Air Balloon tours, Sight-Seeing bus tours, Dinner Theaters and most any activity where tickets are sold. The application allows the business to: 1) create multiple tour schedules, 2) set limits on the number of tickets to be sold and 3) manages inventory and tour groups for those tickets that are sold. The system allows buyers to purchase tickets for multiple tours in a single transaction; as well as supports discount coupons, gift certificates and rainchecks.

Salient Features:

  • Supports offering an unlimited number of tours
  • Integrates with Client’s Existing Website
  • Sends Emails or SMS Texts to Ticket Holders
  • Generates Unique Ticket Numbers for Easy Tracking
  • Allows Tickets to be Purchased as Gift Certificates
  • Allows Tickets to be Purchased Across Multiple Events
  • Adds Ticket Cancellations Back Into Inventory
  • Allows Bookings to be Generated in Admin Section
  • Tracks Group Weight for Balloon, Boat or Vehicle Limits
  • Generates Group Manifest for Each Tour
  • Supports Multiple Tour Guides
  • Secure Administration Area
  • Admin and Reporting Screens

Local Community Portals – Description

This geo-centric application organizes community data by Region, State, Metro-Market, City or Zip Code. The directory supports an unlimited number of business categories, such as Auto, Home, Medical, and so forth. Business are able to create a profile page that displays their description, contact info, hours of operation, coupons & specials, and more. Portal users can print out coupons, search classifieds, save their favorite businesses, enter contests and a host of other activities; and then store this information within their secure user account.

Salient Features:

  • Organizes & Searches Data Geographically
  • Supports an Unlimited Number of Business Categories
  • Allows Businesses to Create & Manage Their Profile
  • Generates Online Coupons
  • Generates Online Contests
  • Generates an Ecommerce Shopping Cart by Vendor
  • Generates Greeting Cards
  • Supports a Unique Community Calendar in each Market
  • Supports a Unique Classifieds Section in each Market
  • Supports a Unique Salesforce in each Market
  • Allows Salespeople to Enter & Manage Data
  • Conducts Email Marketing Campaigns

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