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TechPartners – Our Premier Managed Service

Stop Struggling – Make ENet’s Team Your Team!

No one in your company has to struggle with technology ever again! With TechPartners, our team becomes your team to handle your firm’s entire web presence!

1. Strategy Planning

After comprehensive analysis to determine exactly where your firm’s web presence is currently; we work together with your team to determine an effecting strategy for moving your company from where it’s at, to where you want to go!


You participate in the process so you understand which steps were chosen and why.

2. Onsite/Offsite Optimization

With a clear objective in mind, our team will optimize both your website and your firm’s offsite properties to ensure everything is correct and the proper foundation is in place for moving forward.


3. Monthly Campaign Activities & Reporting

With the proper plan in place and the foundation laid; our team serves as your firm’s “Outsourced Technology Department” to manage and execute the ongoing activities necessary to promote your brand and create results! We provide you with both written and oral reporting so you can quantifiably measure the progress.


If you are like most busy owners and executives, you don’t have the time to stay on top of every element of your company’s online presence. In most cases utilizing internal staff to maintain the website, social media, search optimization and other digital marketing services; is far more costly and less effective than outsourcing those activities. It is nearly impossible to find one person who possesses all the skills needed for success: creative design, website coding, search engine optimization, copywriting, social media moxie and more. Doing it right, takes a team. Imagine having a technology department to handle all of your firm’s online technology, at a price you can afford. As our TechPartners Client, that’s exactly what you get! From creating your firm’s digital strategy to providing you with comprehensive monthly reporting, our team will manage your firm’s online presence to insure success and the results you want!

How does TechPartners work?

icon001 First, we perform an interview and a keyword analysis to identify your firm’s exact goals and what you want to achieve.
Second, we perform an analysis of your entire onsite & offsite web presence to understand where your corporate web presence is to start! This includes a competitive review of the your 3 competitors, to determine how they are positioned.
Third, we develop an online strategy, a plan, of what needs to be done to move your firm from where it’s at, to where you want to go. This plan covers the 4 Pillars of successful online promotion: Search Engine Ranking, Content Marketing, Social Media and Email Marketing.

icon002Armed with a clear understanding of where your firm is at and where you’re heading. The next step is to create a new site or fix your existing site to perform the Onsite Optimization required to achieve the goal. Activities include expanding onsite content, performing SEO, disavowing bad domain links and more.

icon003Once the onsite presence is in shape, it’s time to optimize your firm’s offsite presence. This addresses search registration info, social media placement, 3rd Party Content Marketing, obtaining quality backlinks and other factors that affect your brand.

icon004With your onsite & offsite presence fully optimized, the proper foundation has been laid to begin first expanding and then promoting your firm’s “Corporate Online Presence”. Every month, working with insights and approvals from your team; our team will execute new content marketing, social media and website activities for increasing your brand’s visibility and attracting new customers.

icon005Finally, each month we provide a monthly report as well as conduct an in-depth review call with you to insure you understand what’s taking place. We’ll report what your firm’s online presence produced last month and discuss what needs to be done in the upcoming month.

The best part is…TechPartners gives you access to our experienced, professionally trained team;
while saving thousands over the cost of performing these services in-house!

Onsite/Offsite Search Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing