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Why Your Business Blog Isn’t Successful (And How to Fix It)

How to Start a Successful Blog Today? Smart companies know that blogging is one of the most important things that you can do to drive traffic to your website, to increase your social network, and to boost your search engine rankings. Unfortunately, some business owners end up frustrated when they try to create a business blog because the blog isn’t as successful as they were hoping it would be.

If your blog has a low page rank, few readers, and is not accomplishing your desired goals, there may be lots of potential reasons why you’re having a problem. You need to uncover the ways in which your blog is falling short so you can ensure that you correct the issue and get the desired benefits from your blog.

Points to Consider

Although there are lots of potential problems which could be causing your blog to underperform, some of the common mistakes made by companies with blogs include:

  • A failure to follow an editorial calendar. can help you to take more control of your content strategy by planning your blog, your content marketing, and your social media presence. offers a marketing calendar to help you turn plans into content, as well as other features including workflow management tools and social media scheduling.
  • Posting too infrequently. You need to regularly post updates to your blog so the search engines will see fresh content and rank your blog more highly. An editorial calendar can help ensure regular updates are being made.
  • Not sharing on social media. Social media is key to drive traffic to your blog and to connect with regular readers. Using social media to promote your blog can also help you to find new audiences.
  • Not including social media share buttons on your blog. These buttons can help your readers to promote content by easily sending posts to friends when they find the content interesting. This can help you to significantly expand your reach.
  • Using too much industry jargon. This can turn off casual readers interested in the topic and it also means you may not be hitting the keywords that most people are searching. If search engines index your blog for industry-specific keywords only and the search volume on those keywords is low, you’re unlikely to see a lot of traffic.
  • Your business blog is not self-hosted. You don’t want your website address to be one that comes from a free host where you have to include the host’s info in your web address.  For example, you don’t want your blog to have a address or a address. This just looks unprofessional and limits what you can do with your own blog. Instead, as this guide explains, you should start your blog on a self-hosted address.

Avoid these errors and make sure your business blog is a success!

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