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3 Simple Design Tweaks to Get More Conversions

If your website isn’t converting visitors into hot prospects or buying customers, it isn’t doing its job and one of the biggest factors determining your site’s conversion rate is its design. Thankfully, a few simple design tweaks can have you converting far more of your visitors, and as a result, improving your bottom line as a business.

Here are 3 simple website design tweaks you can make right now to get more conversions.

  1. Eliminate unnecessary page elements—Take a look at your landing page. Is there anything that you can get rid of without sacrificing your main message? Too many websites these days are overloaded with buttons, ads, banners…you name it. It can be distracting and kill your conversion rate.   Keep you messaging simple, you want people to know what you do and what your offer is within a few short seconds.
  2. Reduce the size of that banner—One of the current trends in website design is to have a large photo or slideshow going across the top of the page. These can be very effective and stylish, but if they’re too big vertically, they push down your sales message below the fold and hurt your conversion rate, because the visitor has to scroll down to see your offer.  Keep you offers above the fold and always use things like slide shows to feature calls-to-action.
  3. Improve page loading speed—Web users are more impatient than ever before. If your site doesn’t load quickly, they’ll back out and go somewhere else.  

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